The Orange whip is heavier and more balanced from this article. As he starts down, the angle gets wider and wider. "I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionized the way I think about the golf swing...The website is, "I think he's come very close But I did find a training aid that illustrates this same concept perfectly. Here, he's made a nice big turn that's getting momentum, creating momentum for the Orange Whip. If you do what most every golfer on the planet does, and push against the shaft with your right arm and your right thumb, or your left thumb, this thing's going to let you know about it. “But also you can hear the difference between no that helps rotate the clubface along with your body to ensure that the ball goes They have developed the Orange Whip Lightspeed design to increase and provide the speed that you need. Pricing may vary. Then as he starts coming down, we'll put him halfway down. It is a multi-use golf training aid that is easy to use and very beneficial to your golf game. Take the club away like you would on your normal swing and really try to exaggerate the ‘L’ shape with your arms and the club. This is pretty much the epitome of amateur golf right here in the United States, or worldwide, tons of wide angle here, losing all the shafting, the lag. Golf is a game of concentration and swing tempo is the key to making the shot right, so you can’t afford to be nervous. Then at this point, I want to post up on my left leg and let that release, instead of trying to push it through or do any of this crazy stuff, or heaven forbid, throw it from the top, like most every golfer wants to do, and push against the shaft with my right arm. Orange Whip drills from this position. Now he's got lag for days. ", STEP-BY-STEP GOLF INSTRUCTION TO THE PERFECT SWING. wrist and a full release.”. For those of you who struggle to keep your back to the target, it's just because you're using your right side too much. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies on your device. Perhaps you’ve heard of the original Orange Whip Trainer ($109), a popular product designed to help you develop a rhythmic, well-balanced swing. Now let's take a look and see what happens. You Were Watching a PREVIEW! Or this guy? the Torso Twist, hold the Orange Whip lightly in your fingers. 5 Simple Golf Swing Tempo Drills: 1: Calm Yourself. Instead of just pushing against the shaft with his right arm, he's starting to work on his weight shift. Not everybody has one of these, and I'm not going to make one for all you guys. The momentum of the Orange Whip Trainer in your backswing makes it more difficult to start your downswing … your progress.For further information, please read our Check out this training aid. Using all of the Orange Whip products, including the Orange Whip Trainer and GFX Power Peel, Coach Brian demonstrates a few simple drills using the Golf Fitness X … Swing Speed Drills Club Head Speed Light Speed Training. The longest and most popular version, the Orange Whip Trainer provides the greatest feedback for tempo, balance, and swing plane training. thing to practice.”. The device is intentionally designed to be slightly longer than a normal golf club. -Dr. Jeffrey Broker, Assoc. Selected as the #1 Golf Training aid by, here are some of the features that made it the best golf swing trainer: See how this golf swing training aid will help you build massive lag and an incredible release when combined with the rst 5 step quickstart system. Well, we began selling the Orange Whip for Jim Hackenburg in our Golf Shop. Using the OrangeWhip golf swing training aid helps exagerrate the feeling of having a proper amount of lag in your swing due to the flexing of the shaft and the weight on the end. Of course, what you would expect once they load up that right side, they're going to want to start pushing against the shaft. Prior to joining the team at, he attended the University of Texas followed by stops with Team USA, the Green Bay Packers and the PGA Tour. No Thanks - I'm still just looking around. Halfway back, he's almost made his full shoulder turn. Here, he hasn't turned hardly at all. Then on your follow-through you will hinge again into an ‘L’ shape. You put the Five Step system together with the Orange Whip, and this is what your golf swing will start to look like. The Orange Whip is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today's golfer and athlete. Stand fairly erect with your feet shoulder width apart, arms extended at stomach height, holding the center of the Orange Whip with palms facing the sky. We'll put his left arm parallel to the ground. Build the perfect golf swing following the most advanced online golf swing learning system! You will really feel an exaggeration of how much the club should release and rehinge through impact. It should bend back. You just don't feel it, because it's not as exaggerated. The Orange Whip Trainer is exactly what it sounds like. straighter,” Larkin says. The below video shows the device in action and some of the ways that it can help and benefit you from incorporating it into your game. of the swing,” Larkin says. The standard orange whip can’t be swung fast anyway (certainly not by me) it’s definitely a sequence / timing trainer, although throwing in the exaggerated pressure movement drills, one would hope, would help build a better platform for higher speed. The Orange Whip lag drill by Chuck Quinton, RST Founder, will show you how to easily produce incredible lag immediately in your golf swing. The Orange Whip golf swing trainer is available in 4 different lengths. What it should feel like is, when you go to the top of the swing, when you combine this with our body rotation and our lead arm drills, the club shaft, or this shaft, should bend and be stressed at the top of the swing. Check out the video above or read below for more. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Try this Orange Whip drill to generate more clubhead speed and distance, No fans are allowed at the RBC Heritage, but some vacationers got really lucky, Cobra launches limited-edition ‘Pars & Stripes’ SpeedZone drivers, Bryson’s inspiration? Want massive lag and a solid release? The centrifugal force created with the Orange Whip helps golfers get a better feeling of how your muscles work in the golf swing. The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer is ideal for improving golf balance, tempo, and strength. And then all of a sudden, this ball's out of control. Click here to learn about our Premium Membership. Improve my swing AND save me money! We did weight shift. Reply. You want this energy of this shaft being stressed and bent back to release. “That pattern, or what we call ‘L to L,’ is a great This is more than Sergio Garcia, which again, using this Orange Whip, it helps you feel this, because of the flexion in the shaft. You don't want to keep pushing it through. As you know, rotary swing is all about teaching you how to work with the laws of physics in your golf swing, and of course, something you don't want to try and work against. ... Larry Rinker Golf Live – New Episode with Stan Utley Read More » … 5-Minute Drills How To Use the Orange Whip DISTANCE DUO - Gain More Distance With Control Full Swing Warm Up Drill Hinging Forearm Rotation Drill Torso Twist Drill. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Jim walks us through his 3 main drills for the Orange Whip: Torso Twist; Hinging Forearm Rotation Drill; Full swing Drill Orange Whip Golf Trainer uses the three fundamental learning devices - visual (see), auditory (hear) and kinesthetic (feel) to create a mental and physical connection to the whip motion you can summon while playing. They widen the angle, and then they scoop it, and chicken wing it, and all that stuff. This will indicate you are generating power correctly. WEIGHT: 1.75 lbs. Fast forward years later, and his product has become one of the most successful training aids in the history of golf. Look at that lag. That's you working really hard to swing really slow. Generating additional clubhead speed is all the rage in golf these days. ... so you feel the unload of the orange whip. You have seen it. If you are anxious, you may throw off your tempo. Every golfer knows they could lower their scores by playing better and being more consistent around the greens. The Orange Whip Trainer Standard Size LENGTH: 47in. No Thanks - I don't want improve my swing and shoot lower scores.