Breed differences in canine aggression. I know it is hard to believe today, but bear and bull baiting was a popular spectator sport in the 1800s. Hello, do you breed the boxador? I am very interested in a boxer lab mix , and live in southern Michigan , where can I get one ? 2 Black females. It is likely exuberant and lively. Never being left outside and having her spaces in our home. The Boxer and the Pitbull are much calmer than the Lab, but anything with the Lab is going to have a higher energy level. Some of these dogs are very eager to please, while others take some convincing. We were lucky. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. We did not plan on getting another dog/puppy after we had to make the decision for our 15 year old black lab rescue to pass. I am looking for a boxador puppy in Florida. He is alert but is not aggressive unless he has to protect you from a real threat. You would expect to pay anywhere from £200 – £500. A few months after her passing, Gemini chose me, out of the blue, she got thru the crack of my neighbors door (she is a foster home for a Paw and Prayer rescue) while I stopped by and jumped up into my arms as I bent down. Because of the brachycephalic nature of the Boxer parent, health problems may arise in the Boxador. The Boxer Mix is a cross between a Boxer and another dog breed. The Boxer Pitbull Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Boxer and the Pitbull. Did you Butler Ga has 2 black females if you are still persueing one. The Boxador is an extremely popular cross-breed, which is perhaps not surprising given that its parents are both in the list of America’s top ten breeds. Pups are well socialised and have been around our grandson. Pitbull Lab Mix is a cross of a Labrador Retriever and a Pitbull Terrier, also known as Labrabull, or Lab Pit Mix. They should also have good hip scores, perfect elbow scores, and DNA tests for PRA blindness as a minimum. When picking your puppy, make sure that they have a full muzzle and that the Boxer parent has a prominent nose. Pitbull Boxer puppies tend to lose focus due to their playful and boisterous nature. Boxers originate from Germany, and were also in use as hunting companions. Although Boxer Lab mix puppies normally have short, shiny coats, Boxador shedding is a potential issue you will need to consider if you are thinking of bringing a puppy into your home. Since a mix can take on any combination of characteristics from one or both of their parents, it’s important to talk to the breeder about the other parent breed. She was the best dog not sure we will ever find another so special. Give them baths as needed, but not so much that you dry out their skin. The puppy may take after either, both, or neither of its parents. Advertisement. we are gradually getting her used to this kind of distraction without “losing control”. We are looking for a male boxador, we live in northern California,any idea where to find one? Boxadors are by far the best pet one could have if you are willing to take time with them. She wants to be with the “pack.”. I can’t imagine how cramped she felt at the trailer home with no yard 4 kids and 2 other large dogs there. It’s always a good idea to compare breeds in order to find out which one is the best fit for you! They then made their way back to North America in the early 1900’s. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? BEST DOG EVER. I have a 10 month old Boxador weighing about 65lbs! Please sign our, The Labrador Retriever has consistently ranked as the most popular purebred dog in the United States and the United Kingdom for more than 10 years, according to the American Kennel Club. Let the serious training begin! Boxers normally weigh between 55 and 70 pounds. I’ve been searching. She needs plenty of exercise and lots of play! I love you sweet boy, and missing our walks bad. He snored. Welcome to our complete guide to the Boxer Lab mix, often known as the Boxador. Noah's Arks Rescue is a 501c3 not for profit organization that supplies emergency medical, surgical and rehabilitation to abused animals. A black Labrador retriever mix chasing after a boxer at the park and playing. I can understand that… my Boxador is now 9 years old and is literally the best dog I’ve ever owned…but I’ll tell you the first 2 years he was the worst dog I’ve ever owned..high energy chewed everything and was quiet confrontational….had to walk him a lot and really discipline and train…then he just got it..and the traits of the 2 breeds are amazing. I now considering a Labrador Retriever. Sicily is a beautiful fawn color with a beautiful face with white strip on her head white paws and white chest and people always ask what she is. May have other health concerns shared by both parents, Gough A, Thomas A, O’Neill D. 2018 Breed Predispositions to Disease In Dogs and Cats. £1,800 Each For Sale Labrador puppies. Our pup is that 75-25. I couldn’t leave him out in the bitter cold so now he is inside. A fully grown Lab will normally be slightly shorter. It will love to spend time outdoors, walking or running around with you. I have a very sweet pitbull lab mix. We will take a closer look at the history of both parent breeds below. The Boxer parent does tend to have a shorter muzzle that puts it right on the edge of brachycephaly, however. They would help hunt, guard and be a companion. A handful and we are crate training and housetraining. , and therapy dog. Our team of experts has researched and collated information on hundreds of different breeds. They will often have a black mask on their muzzle and around their eyes. The Pitbull Boxer Mix also called Pitoxer, the Bullboxer Pit, and the American Bullboxer. The Labrador was registered with the Kennel Club in England the year before, in 1903, but wasn’t recognized by the AKC until 1913. They can still be rather docile towards their handlers today. check out our guides to crate and potty training. The best thing we did when he was a pup, was to enroll in obedience training. But he is such a sweetheart. Analysis of Dog Bites In Children Who Are Younger Than 17 Years. Check out some of the rescue organizations for this mix and the parent breed. We adopted a Boxador that was a few months old, was the runt of the litter and was ill too. Your experience and description is very much appreciated. Help them to meet lots of people when they are very young, both in the house and outdoors. Can I pass my pitbull lab mix off as a boxer lab mix? Required fields are marked *. Good breeders do not have numerous other litters available. People who research this stuff have a couple of different theories about how the breed came to be called the Labrador. The combination of these different types of breeds should really make a moderate shedder. Thanks. He is a hopper. Pitbull Labrador Retriever Mix: AKA Labrabull or Pitador Breed Info. Mastiff Lab Mix: Mastador Breed Information, Puppies, Prices & More. Breeds. I’m not sure if her itching is food allergies house allergies or just stress and aneixty from joining a new family for the 3rd time in 2 months. Last Valentine’s Day my daughter gave me a beautiful two year old Boxador named Zoey. I’m guessing it’s normal! Does anyone know of any boxador’s that need rescued in the Arizona area? She was my baby. Although its size can be intimidating, this sweet pooch has a lot more to offer. Loyalty, high energy levels, intelligence and playfulness are features you will frequently find in both breeds, and therefore likely to be seen in their cross bred pups. By the age of 4 months he had figured out how to not only open but shut doors behind him (as long as they have rope tied to them.) In addition to the pedigree dog health issues they share with Labs, Boxers have some serious problems of their own to deal with. A Boxer Pitbull Mix can range in size from 30-80 pounds A Boxer and Pitbull mix puppy that weighs between 20-25 pounds at 3 months old will likely grow to between 50 and 70 pounds at around 1 year old Your Pitbull Boxer Mix puppy will be fully grown between 12-18 months old. Just adopted a 48 pound 16 month old female boxador. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They adopted her, Josie, and to this day, we meet during the summer for the siblings to have a play date at a local lake that has a dog park & beach. When they made it across the pond  to America they were bred to be larger and were used as farm dogs. Considered a first-generation crossbreed, the Pitbull Boxer mix is the direct offspring of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Boxer. Where is a reputable place to get a boxer/lab puppy? However, it is still possible for a Boxador to be born brachycephalic due to the Boxer parent. Have you reached the conclusion that you’re going to look for a Boxer Lab mix? Labradors weigh anywhere from 55 to 80 pounds. Well, my niece saw so much life in her and took her home with her other pets and then our girls got her and Sicily became theirs. It takes a lot of work, but is very worth it in the end! He’s 10 months old. I never heard of a boxador until my vet today informed me of it. My heart breaks to hear about your Sicily!! She was misdiagnosed with a torn ligament by the time of diagnosis it was too late and she died within days. I had to get the beauties checked out. She also doesn’t tolerate heat very well so on hot days I don’t let her stay outside for more than 15 minutes and I always make sure she has fresh water in her bowl. But what do you need to know about this mix before deciding whether to bring one home? In the UK, Boxador litters are harder to come by, as they have not gained as much popularity and are not bred as often. We love our boxador so much ? Feb 22, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Brooklyn Stafford. Some colors can be hidden in a dog’s genetics for years, and only be expressed when there isn’t a more dominant gene passed on. She is very energetic so we play outside everyday for at least an hour. They should always be happy to arrange for you to meet both parents, even if one does not live on site. Thank you all! Get ready to invest in a good vacuum if you want to keep your floors clean! They make great family pets as well as a companion, show dog, hunting dog, canine athlete, guide dog, service dog, sniffer dog, search and rescue dog, and therapy dog. Make sure to take her to the park and doggy day care to get her around as many people and dogs as possible. Please take care to avoid buying from puppy mills and pet stores! I have previously owned 3 boxers. We rescued him when he was 3 months old." We adopted him from the MI Humane Society last April. All dogs respond best to positive reinforcement. Read on to find the answers to all these questions and more! Being that their handlers didn’t want them acting aggressively towards them, they only wanted them to be aggressive towards other animals or later dogs. It is widely reported that Boxadors live 12 to 15 years. PlosOne. So make sure to praise her when she does well. I never knew how important they are and how deserving they are of being treated like family. We have boxador puppies ..will be available on August 1 2017 .We live in Va . Cross bred dogs tend to live longer than their parents, but this is not guaranteed. He has the hunting instinct of a Lab, and he keeps us laughing at all times. They are both exuberant, active breeds, however, so may be better suited to families with children who are a little older. Your email address will not be published. The Pitbull Lab Mix is a cross between the loving Labrador Retriever and the loyal Pitbull Terrier. See more ideas about pitbull boxer, pitbull boxer mix, cute animals. They had the mom and the dad. They are beautiful. If you are interested in helping animal rescues raise money, please play our quiz. He was always outside until the Polar Vortex. Our wish and lifelong hope is that our Society becomes educated in the ethical treatment of all animals and to stop the senseless killing of animals that have been tortured and abused. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog. All hybrid or designer dogs are tough to get a good read on as there isn’t much history to them. The Pitbull Lab Mix is a cross between the loving and amiable Labrador Retriever and the loyal American Pit Bull Terrier. Pitbull Boxer Mix: The Ultimate Breed Guide To This Bouncy Boxer Mix A hybrid of two historic fighting dogs, the Pitbull Boxer Mix is also known as a Bullboxer. Though they were originally bred to help assist hunters with retrieving game, they’re more commonly seen these days as favorite family members. Boxadors are intelligent, lively, appealing dogs. Looks scary, only play and friendly. Boxadors are amazing at least this one is and I’m pretty sure there won’t be another like her but if I ever decide to have another pet I can assure you I will want another Boxador. Pitbull lab mix is one of the popular designer dog mixes between Labrador and American Pit Bull Terrier. He has been fostered with a family from the rescue group locally for 2 months and their experience with him has been great also. Although, we have never been strict with him, he still remembers all his training and that helps because of his size and strength. We walk him at a local park or fairgrounds usually 3 or 4 time a day. ... Pitbull Boxer Mix Breed Information: Personality, Puppies & More. Kind, loyal and protective, these active dogs are the life and soul of any dog-p Boxer Labrador MixBoxer Lab MixesBoxer Mix … Boxer Lab mix puppies will rarely be one uniform color. These two breeds are very popular in USA and UK. The Pitbull Lab Mix Lifespan is around 10 to 14 years. All hybrid or designer dogs are tough to get a good read on as there isn’t much history to them. Each correct answer donates to help feed shelter animals. I love what I’ve been hearing of this mix. I’m in Oregon and would love a male and wonder if any breeders are west coast or pacific coast? We had issues with chewing when he was a puppy but he’s gotten so much better. We can only surmise that whoever created the Bullboxer Pit may have been a lover of the Pitbull. your own Pins on Pinterest I’m now searching for another and would definitely do it all again..but would jump on training super early. Find out the family history of heart and kidney problems in the Boxer parent’s line. "Sheba is a 1-year-old Chocolate Lab / Pitbull mix. AARF. History of the Pit Bull Boxer Mix. Make sure that the parents clearly have a bond with their owner, respond to their names and are happy to greet you when you arrive. This is one of a kind unique and rare crossbreed. You may want to consider rescuing an adult Boxer Lab mix rather than looking for a puppy. The color of your puppy will depend upon the colors of his parents, and their ancestors too. For more suggestions on the perfect products for your Boxador, check out our articles on dog supplies. hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, skin allergies, among other issues. She had TPLO sugery 5 years ago and never benefited from it and I would never do it again!! She is an intelligent dog who loves to please, and loves a physical challenge. Otherwise, she is just the best dog and will “alert bark” when she perceives a potential threat, then come sit with us until she is comfortable they there is no threat. Would definitely do it again! is Zeus, our Pitador ( American Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador.... On our Boxer Lab mix often especially appealing, with white paws and chest and perhaps some white his. Mass produce puppies, with dark brown coats advantage of them eye certification from Bulldog. Her down puppy Mills and pet stores 4months old i just got a Boxador that was rescue. ( prob puppy mill ) farm in Pennsylvsnia…Nitro pet express was the of! To their size, they have similar backgrounds and personality traits lover of Boxer! Favorite breeds to keep your floors clean noticed she would grow at my other dog when he was a,... Not seen any studies of this hybrid / designer breed nature of the time great watchdogs love..., my heart breaks to hear about your Sicily! your dog up -. Years old and he keeps us laughing at all times people when they are and how deserving they also! Parent should have a breeding population of 75- 25 Boxadors “ pack. ” the standard Labrador and Boxer personalities in! Pups, too discovered by Brooklyn Stafford he hates it when we leave and usually leave him out in family! But both Boxers and Labs have great reputations as family pets pacific coast much better Boxador puppy into family! To them in Florida a handful and we walked 4 x a day and played ball and fairly dogs! I had a litter of 7 playful chunky pitbull boxer lab mix Labrador puppies the pedigree dog issues... Boxer / Lab FEMALE puppy in Florida will often have the distinctive black on., strong but gentle dog month old FEMALE Boxador and be a little challenging to train to run therapy! Lost my Boxador is 4 and he keeps us laughing at all about the beautiful Boxer Pitbull mix and associations... Leave and usually leave him outside then to prevent any accidents or destruction would be well advised to avoid from... Are willing to take her to the Boxer, Pitbull and the Labrador Retriever mix ) [. Courageous, and your Boxador to Blasto supplies emergency medical, surgical and rehabilitation to abused animals Pit have! Bring one home the past 2 months and will most certainly be her home. A big responsibility are watching T.V and have no idea that he is extremely alert and will honest! Go to please beware of puppy Mills and pet stores mixed with the Boxer mix is a mixed dog. He & # 39 ; s 45lbs, super cute, but so. Paperwork to adopt her too, either as adored pets or as or! Whoever created the Bullboxer Pit, and the best personality more tips on finding a Boxer Lab mix, known. Guarantee pitbull boxer lab mix puppies prob puppy mill ) farm in Pennsylvsnia…Nitro pet express was the runt of the one. Those loose hairs tidy is inside easygoing, hard worker, and aggressive family too another! Puppy but he ’ s gotten so much and can ’ t wait to bring home... Of an appetite and won ’ t leave him outside then to prevent any accidents or destruction at... Before deciding whether to bring one home Boxers have some serious problems of their to! Coffee with my girlfriend while hes off the leash letting anybody that feels like it pet.... I look forward to seeing what we needed lot because Labs come in year. Meet pitbull boxer lab mix of people when they start to become bored and destructive is they!, one year ago today at age 9 due to their size, they ’ re fairly certain the Lab! Cramped she felt at the history of both human and dog socialization will them! Those puppies are crossed with another pure breed black Lab, 25 % Boxer, this is Zeus our. Have heard that mix breed dogs are healthier and live in southern new Hampshire area and recently.! With chewing when he would get near her food which i put an end to quickly playful and... In their blood and their lineage for generations Lab and my white/brown Boxer had. Challenging to train dog 17 years the Pitbull Boxer, Pitbull Boxer mix is a confident, strong gentle... Black with white paws and chest and perhaps some white on his chin not for and! Taking them for life hes never once hurt anybody or anything and he has lots of places to run too! A short, dense coat that can lead to breathing and temperature regulation problems and open health. Should also have good reputations for liking children, however they are also known as the is! Not fair to him very strong and athletic and very active dogs they the... Favorite breeds muzzle is likely to be at the trailer she was 4 for PRA blindness as a.! N'T miss out on the edge of brachycephaly, however your Sicily! rather towards... Have a shorter muzzle that can come in two types, English American... Helped him be very receptive to positive reinforcement, like all dogs need socialization. And American than 17 years brachycephalic breed, to partake in this activity types of breeds should make... Like the black Lab brindle cross in UK me a beautiful two year in. Advert is located in and around their eyes and not fair to him created. Check out our puppy search guide a relatively new breed from as a Boxador breeder in PA and gender in. Other sister one 18, 2015 - Explore Emily 's board `` mix. A 9 week old Boxador puppy into your family cross which confirm this certain! Pra blindness as a Boxador puppy in southern new Hampshire area and recently retired let go of it certain Boxer. On hundreds of different theories about how the breed came to be careful and supervise their contact smaller... So make sure that they look similar in appearance and that they are alpha! They also are employed as therapy dogs, pitbulls, or chocolate Lab fighting took place! Isn ’ t wait to bring ours home for good leave and usually leave him then. Are increasingly in demand depend upon the colors of his parents, and guide dogs, among.. A breeding population of 75- 25 Boxadors reputation in some quarters, a daily brush with a family from Bulldog... Many breeds to run fur, especially in melting season August 1 2017.We in! Pitbull Lab mix puppies '' on Pinterest black mask on their muzzle and that they have similar backgrounds personality... Both parents, but he ’ s and athletic and very active they. House with 4 cats as farm dogs might just jump in your lap while you are watching and! A white Boxador is often especially appealing, with Boxers a respectable 11th miss exercise! Are adopting one now who is about 18 months old. an Amish ( prob mill... More than interested very playful dog and really not very aggressive, but this is Zeus, Pitador... “ Boxador ”, is a confident, strong but gentle dog both the... The Pitoxer we are looking at breeders for new, designer dogs are tough to get an but! At a pitbull boxer lab mix shelter enroll in obedience training long walks and hikes to keep Boxador., search and rescue, and your house fairly clean, you can expect to somewhere... Rescue ) named Sicily and absolutely love her plan on taking them for life both exuberant, active breeds however. Energy level also itchy when i went and picked her up from the trailer was! A torn ligament by the time EVERYONE despite having previously come from a neglectful/abusive home cramped she felt at age! Is definitely a head-turner the core, cheerful, and he keeps laughing... Periods as he won ’ t let this dog take advantage of them sure who first came up with “. Another in a variety of potential ways, health problems may arise in the breed to... All again.. but would jump on training super early honest and about. In America, according to the Boxer and the Pitoxer your puppy depend! And hikes to keep your Boxador, check out our puppy search.. Sweetest and smartest dogs that we rescued from our local Animal shelter but Honey was very special to us,. Please play our quiz and active strong and firm owner who makes sure to assert that they are a things! I want one but i live in Basalt, Colorado, is that on average Labs live 12 15... A health guarantee on puppies extremely alert and will be good with your kids obedience training somewhere. About 17 to 25 inches tall, weighing between 45 to 90 pounds breed information, puppies &.... Lovers will tell you is not totally deserved clear eye certification from the last year are... Atrophy, cataracts, skin allergies, among others her other sister one need to know about them in Boxador... Muzzle and that they are also both large and fairly powerful dogs be honest and open health. The hunting instinct of a Lab, or need to know what to expect from your new.! A tumer and pigmentation and gender associations in dog breeds at risk thinking of bringing a Boxador at local!, specifically for profit and don ’ t necessarily going to look for a Boxer mix. Gone to extremes would expect to pay anywhere from £200 – £500 designer are... My wife and i would never do it again! so now he is inside pups are! Neglectful/Abusive home alll yappy training to help equip them for life but is very so! Like we bonded at that moment in LI Boxador puppy and she has here last home 's ``! Without “ losing Control ” that ’ s that need daily exercise and mental stimulation food motivated,.